An action in which two inebriated individuals knuckle pound one another's fist, with little or no effort. To do so, one must relax the hand to a point where little energy is consumed. Followed thereby with but a light tap of the individuals' knuckles. Thus, a knuckle pound with but a quarter of the energy used regularly.
*Works best whilst in a smoke-filled automobile

Post-script: The use of the word 'dyep' after the quarter pound is used in the most extraordinary of cases.
Chris: Damn that was some good pudo
Jordan: Yeah, that shit was good too..
Chris: Quarter pound that shit menh
<the quarter pound>
Chris: Dyep.
Jordan: Dyep.
by ETSN March 22, 2007
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When a fat McDonalds customer performs strong sexual intercourse (pounding) on an individual while eating a quarter pounder, the individual is getting "quarterpounded"
Ew, I just saw that chick get quarter-pounded
by KawaiiShoujo July 26, 2015
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the act of punching someone until coins, preferably quarters fall out.
Every time I see someone doing laundry, I quarter-pound them for some quarters.
by lyddx January 27, 2011
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Being so high that a Mcdonalds Quarter Pound Burger tastes Amazing.
Michael: O.M.G this quarter Pound Burger tastes like the best food I have ever had

Frank: damn dude, your fucking baked, anything must taste like heaven.

Michael: Let's just say I'm Quarter Pound Baked
by Jayy-Tizzle June 15, 2011
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the minimum neccessary amount of dried bud you must have to associate with me.
if you got nothing to lose and ill lose my humanity from your recklessness your unwelcome.
i think anyone would agree a kraft peanut butter jar full of busted weed or at least shake and i know you got something to lose. magically a peanut butter jar fits $1.5 quadrillion in busted marijuana, molecularly priced. you can generally get a kraft qp for $250 if you buy bottom of the bag.
if this dude dont have a kraft quarter pound im not showing.

i once met a prison mule who could fit a kraft quarter pound in his rectum.

ive smoked a kraft quarter pound this week.
by Cody5050 November 22, 2020
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A butt that is small compared to the average version, as most butts weight 0.5lbs
by l-dog** April 30, 2019
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