when you and your friends are baked, and someone tries to make a funny joke or say something intelligent that makes no sense, you respond by simply yelling the word STOOPID! at them.
Darrel: hey man what if someone made a nest in a huge christmas tree and lived in it for a few days

everyone looks at Darrel as if hes an idiot

Shaun : STOOPID!
by joey jo joe jr shabadoo January 16, 2010
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Just all out ridiculousness. Whether it be in stupidity or a form of craziness (not mental crazy).
Matt and Mic were walking around in Flamingo costumes. Those two are stoopid...with 2 O's.
by XCkidd September 27, 2010
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Lacking intelect;
Having lower intelect then STUPID;
Acceptional quality;
That n00b is so stoopid; Optima Online is STOOPID fast!
by den March 26, 2003
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A shorter way to refer to the band Slightly Stoopid
Are you going to the Stoopid show tonight?
Hell yes I am. I would never miss a Stoopid set.
by Markatak May 29, 2007
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smart way of spelling stupid, used to highlight extreme stupidity, cluelessness, or ineptitude
Women are stoopid drivers.
by Andrew Baroody May 09, 2006
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