After smoking copious amounts of cannabis (note: not actually stoned) a person may feel "Stoopid" as their brain is still clouded from the effects of the ganja.
Student 1: "Mr. Teacher is pretty off the ball today huh"
Student 2: "I think he is just feeling a little stoopid"
by The Boaby March 19, 2012
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Whatever you call stoopid, means that it is so stupid that it dosen't even deserve the right way to say it
Man, Fifty Shades Of Grey is way more stoopid than Twilight.
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by starwarsfan123 January 15, 2018
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The word “stoopid” is used when people are acting strange and stupid. “Stoopid” is worse that just stupid because it just shows how dumb you are that you don’t even have to spell it right. The word “stoopid” can also be used when you are annoyed about something and you just use that word instead of “shit.”
“You stoopid!”
“This is all stoopid!”
Boi what are you doing, YOU STOOPID!”
by @n0n¥m0u$ April 10, 2018
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