According to Metro the Pet Shop Boy's musical "Closer to Heaven" was "Stonking! 4 stars!"
by Kaworu April 13, 2005
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massively awesome, grandly great. not often used, not many things are hells-yeah enough to call for it.
R.Crumb girls (long haired, big legged, and pumpkin-assed), 63 Cadillacs, Led Zeppelin: where those overlap, that is the world of "stonking": one of my favorite words.
by schnoidl October 8, 2011
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(BrE) Tremendous. Via BoJo, connoting a similar capacity for uncertain, quasi-populist misgovernance and general demagoguery as this favourite Trumpian term.
We have had so much doubt and dubitation for such a long time, and the people of this country have given us tonight, I mean, this morning, a huge great stonking mandate because they want us to do one thing that you all know—they want us to get Brexit done.

—Boris Johnson (quoted accurately, without falsification!) on the UK general election and a hard Brexit
by DrSJohnson December 24, 2019
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Being completely wasted.
Fuck me I'm hungover. I was stonking last night.
by stonking January 5, 2010
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