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a compliment to someone who is very attractive, often shouted out
whoa! sex on legs!
did u see that babe?...yeah she was sex on legs!
by devilboy December 03, 2004

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an insult to a woman with no breasts
whatever u say ironing board chest!
flat as an ironing board
by devilboy December 02, 2004

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ive got a stonking headache
by devilboy December 03, 2004

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as in to commit suicide, most likely to be used when the person in question jumps off a building
did you hear about john smith? he topped himself
by devilboy December 03, 2004

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Skills or a routine employed by a heroin addict that help them appear "cool". Usually occurs when addict is confronted by police while "holding junk".
Billy has never been busted despite years of hard-core use. Most of his friends credit his God-given Injected Fonzie skills for his success.
by Devilboy July 08, 2003

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sarcastic remark or a get out clause
someone u secretly hate starts talking to u but
u want to avoid them
simon your so cool do u think we could be hang out?
i'd love to but i cant... maybe in the next lifetime
by devilboy January 16, 2006

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A derogatory term for the "corporate ladder".
Giving a swallow job to Mr. Smith at the company picnic sure helped Melany climb the scrotumpole.
by DevilBoy March 11, 2003

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