"look at that girls stiffles!"
"gross, put a bra on, whore!"
by Bette Mild February 19, 2009
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when someone stiff minded/ talking or texting dryer than usual - word made by Angelina Dang
You’re being a real stiffle right now
by angelstar2509 November 30, 2018
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When a women (or man) gets cold and there nipples harden
"Jeez its getting cold in here"
"Lick them"
by Jake-AUS November 9, 2006
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This is a combination of a "stiff upper lip" attitude and stifling behaviour towards someone else. Making someone do something without giving them a choice (they are stiffing them of a choice!).
A school assigning pupils to do an extra curricular activity. (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!) The pupil has no choice and has to commit time outside school hours to the activity. The school is therefore being stiffling.
by layla and hayley July 26, 2004
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a male or female with seemingly permanent or everlasting stiff nipples.
lol calm down with those stiffles
by ohcrapnospacebar November 3, 2010
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v. and action that is performed by a female, it is road head that goes for a long time, and you get pulled over by an officer and she finnish and you shoot you load all over the cop.
billy was enjoying his road-head when he got pulled over and the officer came to his window and he gave him a stiffle pop!
by stiffle poper July 22, 2009
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