SS means Stay Safe. Usually used while typing although can be used in conversations to ease the awkwardness behind tellin the homies to stay safe and that you care bout them.
by OG_wit_da_Tree March 04, 2021
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Abbreviation of slightly smiling;the more realistic version of lol
Friend: why did the chicken cross the road? You: why? Friend: to get to the other side. You: ss
by Ss person February 14, 2018
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The sixth position in baseball between second and third base.

1 - Pitcher, 2 - Catcher, 3 - First Base, 4 - Second base, 5 - Third Base, 6 - Shortstop, 7 - Left Field, 8- Center Field, 9 - Right Field.
The Yankee's best SS right now is playing third base.
by cx13 April 06, 2006
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The '66 Corvette SS, has a larger engine and higher torque
by B-deezee December 02, 2003
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