the act of being stoned/high off marijuana. Slang to be secretive.
Sara: Dude, I finished that whole blunt on my own!
Jackie: You're so Starved!!

Jackie: Did you smoke yet?
Sara: You can't tell how Starved I am!?
by jayNJ07 January 28, 2008
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1) When you get really hungry and your stomach hurts and all you can think about is food. good food. and you repeatedly say youre hungry and wanna look at pictures of food and eat it and then be really happy after.

2) Not getting enough food.

Malnourished children are starving in impoverished countries. FAIL!
by wewantfoodfdotcom November 9, 2009
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The word used by people who haven't experienced real hunger or starvation.
"Aw man, I am so starving! I haven't eaten in like 5 hours!"
by MYNAMEISKRISTEN July 11, 2014
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When you have nothing to eat and you feel like dying bc you want food so much but the fridge is so fucking far from your room or you do not want to spend money, so you sit there waiting for someone to give you food.
I'm starving. YOU. FEED ME. NOOOOOOW *sobs*
by lolitaforever21 January 21, 2015
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another way of saying "thirsty"... as in really thirsty
Katie: AHHAHA look at that hoe trying to get some XD
Eilyn: Damn she looks thirsty... so damn thirsty..
Katie: For real, that bitch is Starving !!
by KatieBro. January 25, 2014
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