A German letter-character which, despite its size, could be considered as always ‘lowercase’ since it never *starts* a word and stands in only its one form, ß.
The ligature ‘ß’ is k’rrectly ASCII'd\ASCIIfied into either:

‘ss’, which is pronounced as ‘'s'-set’ or ‘double-'s'’_character;

or ‘sz’, which the ligature *orinally* represented, and is pronounced as ‘'ess'-'tset'’. (In german, the letter ‘z’ is pronounced as ‘tset’, and in words usually like English ‘piZZa’ or ‘TSunami’, with a ‘ts’ sound.)

That is to say, the German word ‘Tischfußball’ which means ‘table soccer’ or ‘foozball’.. can be spelled-out as ‘Tischfussball’ also. Note that the German's ess-tzet{ß} has officially been abandoned a lot of places in that it is no-longer used in transactions and business et cetera. Note also that it is *never* used in a compound noun where an s-ending of one word and s-beginning of the next exists.
by Victor Van Styn August 21, 2005
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speak soon or start streak (snapchat streak)
Speak soon:
Hey ss ok?
Ye ss
Start streak (snapchat)
via giphy
by freddø September 17, 2017
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The german letter es'tzet (S'Z), pronounced ss. To wordprocess this letter you can hold 'Alt' and press '225' on the number pad on the right of the keyboard. It does not have a capital form and it is only used at the end of a word or the stem of a verb. All nouns in German must start with a capital letter.
Spaß - Fun
Weiß - White
Heiß - Hot
Schloß - Castle
Ich heiße Klaus - I am called Klaus.
by Robbie October 06, 2004
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abreviation fo "Schutzstaffel", which translates to "Protective squadron". They were an elite paramilitary group associated with the Nazi party.
The SS was divided into several units, one of the most famous of which was the combat or Waffen-SS.
by Capt_Capacitor April 25, 2005
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An “s” pretending to be a “b”
Person 1: ß
Person 2: what
by Wholesome Illuminati March 03, 2018
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SS is an abbreviation for "Social Suicide". People that tend to be "SS" follow around people of which completely hate them. SS usually travel in flocks with hopes to infect society with their twilight obsessive-lardsack-retarded-fucklessandra-ness.
SS: HEYZZ OMGZ I H4VENT SE3n Y0U in 4EVER. W3'RE BESTIES... R1GHT???? <333334564564567465

You: Ew, SS. Go away.
by Gravoiss June 11, 2009
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