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Not A Boo, Nor A Boyfriend
In-Between Both ;Someone You Are Sexually Active With But Not A Friend With Benefit Kinda Thing..Someone You Can Be In Love With But They Could Not Be Ready For Committed Relationship
I Was With My Pooh Yesterday

I Love My Pooh

I Miss You, But Im Still Seeing My Pooh

Im Single ButIm Not Alone Pooh
by MadameMichelle December 08, 2010
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Every group of friends has a 'pooh bear' or 'pooh' for short. He is the slightly round, funny guy that is the life of the party. Always ready to party and comes equipped with funny one liners and fun facts. They may or may not like honey, not required, but definitely likes to drink. Usually have some crazy hair or bald to accompany roundness and encourage comparisons to 'pooh bear'.
Those guys we met last night weren't that cool and our 'pooh' was definitely funnier than theirs and definitely can drink their guy under the table
by Bob Goulet December 01, 2007
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A pleasant fictional bear that manages to have all sorts of interesting adventures. His posse includes:

a young boy,
a rather emo donkey,
a lisping tiger that bounces,
a small, insecure pig and
a rabbit and an owl
as well as others, such as a kangaroo.

Despite all of these interesting characters in his life, the poor thing could dearly use the help of spell check.

Come on..."hunny"? Pwease.

Think, think, think!!
Pooh sighed, exasperated. "Oh bother. I need hunny."
by madame phoenix November 05, 2009
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To eat honey out of someone's ass.
"Girl, get out the plastic sheets, I'm gonna pooh you so damn hard tonight..."

"He wants me to pooh him, but I don't think the relationship is ready for that yet."
by Dharma Midget March 18, 2017
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word commonly used when a mistake was made
ohh pooh i shot Eddy not Frank
by Candy March 26, 2004
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A very norty bear who walks around wearing only a t-shirt with no bottoms on eating "hunny". His boyfriend is a piglet named Piglet other fiends involved are ee-or the donkey, tigger, an owl, a couple of kangaroos and some random boy.
This motly bunch of cocksmokers have pathetic adventures which are so boring they make you want to kill yourself.
A recent study indicated that kids raised on a diet of "Pooh" will grow up to have shit for brains and will most likely expose themselves to strangers in wooded areas.
Winnie the Pooh, Winnie the Pooh, cubby little tubby all stuffed with cock...
by Baron Von Batwing January 06, 2005
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Example 1
ah beng: pooh nin lau bu! (fuck your mother)

Example 2
man: ka mei submit report liao mai tiok taukeh pooh! (quickly submit the report or else the boss rapes you)
by KyrieZero January 11, 2011
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