1. (Internet usage, especially in games) To accomplish a task alone, especially winning by defeating multiple opponents. It is sometimes used to glorify the individual that accomplishes the task.

2. (Internet usage) To defeat multiple opponents alone.

Note: The term can also be used to refer to a very small group of individuals accomplishing the task. This is incorrect usage, but is sometimes accepted nonetheless, especially when used in order to emphasize huge numerical disadvantage.
- It's his fault that he tried to solo this level and died. This level is usually entered in teams of at least 10 people.
- This game unit can solo at least six of these weaker units.
- He soloed the entire military force.
by Lumokrabbit June 4, 2010
I'm going bye my self.
or you could say-
I'm going solo.
by Joshua Jones December 31, 2004
Porn film or part of a porn film in which an only actor or actress masturbates.
When I watch "Justin solo" I get so hot I nearly come without touching myself.
by Vicent Tur September 4, 2007
The last name of the renowned smuggler Han Solo. No one gives a fuck about the rest of the definitions.
Holy shit! Han Solo just shot three First Order Stormtroopers dead before any of them returned fire!
by gimme the money April 15, 2016
1. To be by one's self.

2. The opposite of multiplayer. (singleplayer)

3. To masturbate.
1. "I am gonna go solo to eat"
2. Person A: "Wanna play some Black Ops II?" Person B: "Nah" Person A: "Fine, I'll play solo."
3. He jerked his dick real hard when he went solo.
by Hentai.Fucked.Up.Erika's.Brain November 8, 2015
Solo is a Norwegian Soda, quite popular and been for over 40 years. It relates to the soda Fanta, however the flavors are different.
1. I think I'll purchase Solo instead of Coke
by Kradie October 27, 2006
Australian soft drink.
The best soft drink in the world.
Lemon Tang.
"Have you tried that Aussie drink, Solo? It's so good!"
by Kp Rock August 19, 2006