Jamie: Did you get new heels girl?

Carly: Yea, I'm going on a date with a B.J.B.M. tonight!

Jamie: OMG you look SS you are so getting laid.
by cfunkadelic November 16, 2010
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In the navy, when prefixing a ship name, was used to mean the ship is a steamer (Screw Steamer), in opposition with SV (Sailing Vesse)", or other ship types.

(see wikipedia's Ship_prefix list for more details)
In 1847, the revolutionary SS Great Britain became the first iron-hulled screw-driven ship to cross the Atlantic

The SS Savannah left the port of Savannah, Georgia, on May 22, 1819
by Balmipour August 08, 2015
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Mary took an Alli and thought she was going to fart but shit herself in the elevator at work. The turds ran down her legs and out of her pants causing s.s. in her panties.
by jj9 December 07, 2010
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An acronym for skype sex (SS). Coined out of the ever increasing online trend of two of more people having cyber over skype with or without the video turned on.
Stranger 1 : what is your skype ID?
Stranger 2 : why do you ask?
Stranger 1 : so that we can have SS duh
by skinnySinner November 11, 2014
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1. My boyfriend and I are mutually ashamed of eachother so we can only have SS.

2. I don't believe in family values and since I live with my parents I am forced to have SS.
by popcorn104 October 22, 2011
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Serial Shitter - The person who pollutes the toilets and leaves their shit behind!
you go into a public toilet and dear god "the ss has struck again"
by Jetcha January 30, 2008
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