When taking a female from behind, you pull out and spit on her back, then as she looks back you ejaculate in her ear causing her to put her hand up to her ear like a secret service agent covering his earpiece.
by Justin G May 12, 2004
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While having anal sex with a woman, when your about to come, you pull out and spit on her back; when she turns around you jizz in her ear and jack her in the face, causing her to cover her ear and mouth like a secret service agent would.
Holy shit! He gave that trick the Secret Service!
by Murph Durph February 28, 2006
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A gentleman's social club of which the members make it their life goal to tantrically masturbate in public.
I stood still for a moment, taking in his suddenly heavy breathing, his movements and the wild look in his eyes. A member of the Secret Service had infiltrated my bathroom
by Kip Stevens December 17, 2003
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When a girl dives upon your premature ejaculation to avoid it hitting her sheets. For extended fun, angle the load towards her ear so it resembles a secret service ear piece.
Dude, I was just about to pre-jac and then she dove like the Secret Service and took one for her country.
by Hot Carl Winslow January 3, 2008
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A popular term, thought to be initially coined in 2008 at a donut shop in the Maltese village of San Gwann, indicating an incognito or underhanded act. Its ever-evolving versality has contributed to its rapid adoption across the Maltese islands. Both a verb and an adjective.
John met a girl on Tinder. He went on a date with her, without telling his friends. John went on a secret service date.

Sarah was drinking at a bar and wanted to leave to buy brocolli, but was too shy to tell her friends. She snuck away and bought her broccoli. That made her brocolli, secret service brocolli.
by bro colli March 10, 2019
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When you are doing a girl doogy style and you spit on her back. When she turns around to yell at you, you then spug in her ear. She will inturn turn her head and hold her ear. thus looking like a secret service agent.
by Anonymous October 18, 2003
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