Hottest man since humans existed, Best person to ever meet, a true genuine athlete, a ladies man, not a player, so devoted to finding himself and being successful, he never lets anything get in his way, best fighter ever, really sweet, very intellectual, amazing lover, has a very big penis, such a beast, loves werewolfs, team player, very outgoing. Just perfect
by Smith Morrison November 24, 2013
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N. Scrub

Adj. Scrubbish

V. To bust less than a minute after a female has started to suck on, or stroke one's penis.
N. Dude, that kid can't even catch the ball.. what a Morris.

Adj. What a Morris thing to do, she was completely drunk and he was sober.

V. Dude, he Morrised. She didn't even have a chance to work her magic.
by ErnieBerg December 31, 2010
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Morris- An aesthetic of attitude, behavior, comportment, appearance, style and Zeitgeist.Having the quality of being good or wholesome.
1. Getting laid by chicks is soooooo morris.
2."God, Hitman is morris to the max."
by Nato163 November 26, 2007
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To morris is to complusively bullshit.
To tell a story that is some way off the truth

Also known as a greenall
Man 1: I shagged a milf in the toilets last night
Man 2 (to man 3): Do you smell a morris
Man 3: Sure do
by gydw June 4, 2009
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To tell a story about a person present that, at first, seems to be derogatory, but turns out to be complementary. (ant. left handed compliment)
I thought I was gonna kick his ass, but he morrised me and I totally scored with that chick.
by Oengus June 24, 2011
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A man, usually african american, who tends to mumble a lot. Obsessed with sex, specifically getting 'his dick sucked'. Will mumble for hours about this. Will eat anything. More specifically, will eat everything that doesn't belong to him.
Ah man, I can't understand a word that guy said!
He must be a Morris.

Hey! What happened to my lunch?! Is there a Morris around here??
by phork September 7, 2012
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Did you get your morris wet today?
by Alex and Emma :D November 29, 2006
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