the particular sound that an aroused vagina makes when being penetrated.
that was some serious squelch action lads.
by dirty kav April 24, 2005
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To put down or silence; To suppress or inhibit
I have finally squelched that hideous rumor.
by Gina November 11, 2003
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A popular sound in yaoi or gay anime/manga. It's most likely the sound of a character climaxing when being fingered another character. It can also be replaced with *splurge*or *splooge* and will also most likely me surrounded by a "*"
*one anime boy getting fingered by another*
Boy 1: I'm about to cum!
by TheGoldenShortman October 5, 2020
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When a girl is on her period and all of the sudden she can feel this flow of juices (blood). It is normally silent but it is the most disgusting feeling in the world. Every girl who bleeds knows what this feeling is. No freaking joke.
Va: *squelch* ew. i just squelched.

Gina: thats sick. please say excuse me.

Va: no way, you turkey. you squelched on my FACE last weekend. YOU say excuse me! pervert.
by Billy Goater May 21, 2006
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the gross noise something makes when you squeeze it.
AH! did you hear it squelch! man, that was sick.
by marzy March 15, 2004
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That was a damned good squelch.
by ud40 February 23, 2005
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to dash ones dreams, or burst ones bubble
stop squelching

You squelch

Dont squelch my idea manda!

What a squelchish idea
by manda October 20, 2003
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