30 definitions by manda

aka Yoshi or Cedric Cosmo Cranky
1. A beloved deceased individual
2. The invisible driving force behind NDSS
Piffenpaff, why have you forsaken me?!
by manda October 24, 2003
The act of some sick perve that has a corrupt mind.
by manda January 19, 2004
to have smoked an extreme amount of weed
"yo that dude came outta his homies house lookin all smoked"
by manda March 22, 2005
Hey YA! A v v. another name for vagina, a clean vagina
Want to suck my poonanay!?
by manda February 2, 2004
the y chromosome is the root of all evil, and im bored now. varying lengths of o's can change severity and/or eliminate the boredom function of the statement.
by manda July 27, 2004
to sigh with being in a state of unsatisfication. to be slightly annoyed. almost vexed. also disappointed
*sigh* ... merk... so unfair
by manda November 18, 2004