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short for balderdash, which means nonsense. usually a dismissive term.
Man, that lunch was dash.
by dooce22 April 22, 2005
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The pinnacle of greatness: when something is so awesome that it becomes 20% cooler in ten seconds flat.
"Did you see what I did there? Shit was so dash."

"How was the party?" "Totally dash, bro."
by Freerefill October 18, 2011
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London slang. to throw violently, usually with the intention to hurt someone.
" he got mad and dashed the remote at me cos i came up behind him and slapped him in the head "
by Judge Fudge December 14, 2004
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A term used when telling someone to leave as quick as possible.
Person 1 : I heard you chattin shit bout Tina bruv,

Person 2 : I ain't go no time for this so before I beat the shit outta you, DASH!
by TheNewKidInTheEnds June 07, 2018
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a nice, firm butt which seems ready for penetration or an oily massage or both.
damn! did you scope the dash on that stife? well did ya?
by venusflytrap October 14, 2006
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Design and Architecture Senior High School, in Miami Florida.
where all the funky, cool, art freaks go to get away from it all. Just kidding. Its an art/design high school, with such strands as fine art, film, architecture, industrial design, fashion design, and graphic design.
sara graduated from D.A.S.H. and became a famous fashion designer.
by morganita October 14, 2006
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