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The downtown area of the city of Chicago. So called because it originally was contained within a "loop" of El tracks. The Loop now extends outside of the El track loop to create the best downtown area on this or any planet.
by Gina January 20, 2005
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Southern term for the American Civil War. Mostly used by those who think the south should have won.
Southern Colonel Sanders-type guy: My great grandaddy sadly lost his life at the battle of Bull Run during the War of Northern Aggression.
by Gina March 25, 2005
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garment worn to support the breasts; a bra
"I think I left my tit sling in yo house last night."
by Gina January 19, 2003
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A squeeze, hug, and ruffling of fur.
(Over the phone), "Give your dog Spike a scruffle for me!"
by Gina October 22, 2004
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smells like teen spirit is a song by the group nirvana written by the greatest person who every lived, kurt cobain
smells like teen spirit was a song that revolutionalzed grunge music
by Gina April 29, 2003
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1. The look one gets on their face after a really stupid person just gets finished talking and turns their back.
2. The look that usually proceeds after a very long and exhausting fake smile.
I can't help but snile at the stupid bitch, she's a waste of carbon!
by Gina December 12, 2003
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a.One of the worst rappers of all time
b.Woman degrader
c.Loves to get high all day and write songs about it
d.He is a player.
e.Likes to write songs about getting women
naked, smoking weed, and dropping like it's hot (which makes no sense).
"You are such a Snoop Dogg!"
"Kanye West is a LOT better than Snoop Dogg, atleast he doesn't talk about getting women naked."
by Gina March 30, 2005
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