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Doomed and condemned to a life in hell.

By defenition, hell is a place of eternal torment and fire. Beyond a fathomable human pain. A sea of fire, filled with burning people on the brink of what would be a natural death, but who never die. A total absence from God, comfort as retreated to a safer place, relief is such a painful thing because it is so close, but impossible to reach.

Imagine going to the California coast, and looking out at a clear ocean, no boats yet, because it's 7:00 AM, only the little old lady collecting shells.

Now imagine that whole ocean as a sea of fire, filled wih the stench of burning flesh and brimstone, including, instead of the few jumping fish, and awesome number of people using their last vestiges of strength to escape this eternal torment for but one fraction of a second. The constant sound of the sea washing against the shore is replaced by unimaginible amounts of screaming, people in so much pain as to simply see it would cause even the least emotional Gothic to break down in tears end never stop waking up screaming in bed for the rest of his life.

Now imagine the greatest pain you've ever experienced in your life. Couple it with the pain of even one limb being burned, then multiply it by a billion. Then add to it the fact that this pain, this torture, that you would normally withdraw from to a safer place, will never subside, no matter how much you cry, weep, confess, and curse.

A place made by God as a punishment for the rouge angel Lucifer (see Satan), who some people senselessly worship. Satan is bringing as many people down to this unimaginable torture as he can by introducing sin into the world. Songs, movies, and the internet are his outlets. He has caused people to believe that hell will be a big party, full of drinking, sex, and other forms of sinful fun, even causing some to commit suicide to get there.
-The greatest, most intelligent move the devil has ever made is making us believe that he doesn't exist...
by Phrigajiblenoghip May 24, 2004
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