I spurned the advances of the flirtatious woman at the bar because I had a girlfriend.
by Jackie Roberts November 2, 2010
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well you see as me and my friend michelle were reading in our religion books it said... > jesus was spurned and critisized and then we did so good ole research and asked her mom her mom told us like dissed .... hmm neato soo spurned is another word for dissed!
michele: yo yo yo sup my home nugget¿
Allison: Holla! nm wah chew up ta!?¿
Michelle: notin!
Allison: thias convo aint goin anywhere buh you got spurned!
by Allison March 1, 2005
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Damn, I feel bad now that I spurned that bitch. She got her braces off and she looks hot now.
by christopher January 20, 2004
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When you are jealous of someone who doesn't have to wear pants for the rest of the day...but you know they're looking sexy doing it.
Person 1:"I'm home from work, and the pants are coming off."
Person 2:"You've got me so spurned on right now."
by Djinn565 August 12, 2017
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to produce sperm wildly and intensely all over something or someone, in larger than average quantities.
unexpectedly Cum a bucket worth of jizz all over something or someone without knowing your producing so much
you finally open your eyes or notice after wards and are surprised at what a huge mess you just made.
I was so horny I totally spurn ed my girl friends sister this morning.

i was the hardest id ever been in my life last night when i busted it off, and spern ed all over my TV screen, it took me an hour and a half to get it all off
by axxxlerod November 5, 2017
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The act of inserting both testicles into the vaginal canal while at the same time inserting the penial shaft (erect) into the anus.
Woman: We were spurning all night last night! Who's got that donut pillow?
by spurning4life May 24, 2014
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A pot for the distrubution of penile excrement.
An urn for your sperm.
I keep all of the cum from my wanking sessions in my spurn...
by Quiggin July 7, 2005
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