n. vessel of various sizes to preserve ashes of the dead after they are cremated.
The egyptian king was put to his tomb along with his urn.
by Emily Elizabeth May 13, 2003
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A word that sounds quite amusing; whenever you hear the word you must laugh and say, "URN.URN.URN"
Lauren: What is that thing under your chair?

Kelly: that's an urn.

Lauren: Laughs histerically URN.URN.URN.
by maudington July 8, 2009
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v. to be hit, pummeled, thwonked, clobbered, punched, walloped, bopped, slapped, or smacked down with an urn.
Patty: He just hit her with the bottle that her father's ashes are in!
Rinaldo: Oooh, she just got urned!


The funeral was quite docile until Uncle Franklin accidentally urned Grandma Beatrice.
by sarahjakethejew June 7, 2010
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To urn is to burn up; do away with.

Urn must be spoken in a rather dignified tone.

Other forms: Urned, Urning
"Why darling, I think we have urned the inheritance"
"She urned herself straight into an urn"
"That hussy has urned her hoohah"
by Lady Eleanor Godiva November 23, 2011
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verb; to be dissed (To show disrespect to, often by insult or criticism)
Cereal: Did you go to the movies?
JoAnnurb: Your mom went to the movies!
by KCrockmyworld7 February 12, 2006
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Short for You Are An Ass (just read the acronym out loud and it sounds like that)
Person: Hi.
Person: URNS.
by BCBR December 4, 2009
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A big cup that is filled with a liquid ready to drink and is similar to an elixir because of its incredibly famous thirst quenching ability.

An ornamental vase that is usually put on a pedestal and praised as the fountain of youth.

A great big cup filled with cordial.

Lane Cove Slang.
"Hey John can you get me an urn of cordial...?"
by johnnygun August 21, 2009
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