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Damn, I feel bad now that I spurned that bitch. She got her braces off and she looks hot now.
by christopher January 20, 2004
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A pot for the distrubution of penile excrement.
An urn for your sperm.
I keep all of the cum from my wanking sessions in my spurn...
by Quiggin July 07, 2005
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to produce sperm wildly and intensely all over something or someone, in larger than average quantities.
unexpectedly Cum a bucket worth of jizz all over something or someone without knowing your producing so much
you finally open your eyes or notice after wards and are surprised at what a huge mess you just made.
I was so horny I totally spurn ed my girl friends sister this morning.

i was the hardest id ever been in my life last night when i busted it off, and spern ed all over my TV screen, it took me an hour and a half to get it all off
by axxlerod November 05, 2017
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To burn and inflict pain on someone with a hot spoon
Jeff if you don't pass me the fucking sugar I'm going to spurn you.
by Fibrelol January 27, 2014
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