A string of noises emitted by retards when attempting to say "Hello".
A Homie: Yo yo yo, whaddup ma nigga.
Me: Shut the fuck up before I shoot you in the head (again).
by Spatter Artist February 20, 2006
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another way of saying wassup, or hi
"ey yo dawg how u been?"
by Diamond Princess April 5, 2003
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A phrase used by white people when they absolutely need a smack in the face.
Tarquin: "Yo yo yo homie yo"
Dominic: "Jeeves, get the rifle and release the hounds."
by Svenyboy August 1, 2005
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a phrase used to say 'hey, what's up, man?'; should be said in a high voice
{CKaye walks into the room}

Yo yo yo wassup g?

Not much, meng.
by El_Scorcho October 11, 2004
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1.)A word some older people use to try to fit in with young people; 2.) the way some older people people say what's up;
When i was in my room with my friends my dad came in and said "yo yo yo wus poppin!"
by Nina Nickelson March 30, 2017
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