Feb 26 Word of the Day
Commonly used in text messages or social media as a short form for Very Sound Advice.
Mate 1: Hey, I'd be careful risking all that money on one bet. Only risk what you can afford to lose.
Mate 2: Thanks. VSA
by Sexucator February 08, 2021
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When someone has a shiny scalp with no hair, and their head looks like the tip of a penis.
Look at Paul, he's one of the peniles.
by Real defs March 02, 2015
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when your pecker gets whacked with a ruler
that form of punishment is rather penile.
by amboj December 28, 2003
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Penile means pinoy with a HUGE penis
I saw a penile at the store.
Did you see that penile!
Judging by you penile you are pinoy.
by Jerry Casino November 09, 2007
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1. A penile is your DING DONG penis.
2. The "tra-la-la" of the male variety.
3. The oposite of a "vagai-gai."
Person 1: "Awmg I be jealous of your penile, brah!"
Person 2: "I know, right! It's like... twice the size of my penis!!"
by <33Divine<33 September 24, 2010
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