Racial slur against the asian race because their eyes seem to be closed or not open widely.
Andrea Nguyen is asian so i tell her to open your eyes.
by Edgar Corral January 20, 2008
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What you say to people who've recently smoked marijuana.
Alex: Gee, this concert is da bomba!!!
Sam: Whoa...I'm so high right now...
Alex: Open your eyes dude, you're missing the show.
by burkeri August 31, 2011
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An invitation to a sleeping person to join an orgy.
"Max, everyone is naked! Open your eyes!"
by DGPoker October 2, 2008
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why can't you look at me in the eyes?

I have o.y.e.s.(open your eyes syndrome) i can't see!
by themanwithanokplan February 20, 2010
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A shorter way of saying 'The answer is write in front of you. Don't be a fucking moron.'
Bimbo: What is the answer to question 3.
Guy: It's on the first page of the textbook. Open your third eye, you e-class hoe.
by theholytrinity6 July 16, 2019
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