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to waste or lose something ie money
i just spunked all my money on the fruit machines
by nb612 March 19, 2007
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When a guy spanks or slaps another person with semen on his hand - i.e. just after masturbating.

This is a generally condescending move on par with tea-bagging, and - if executed properly - causes considerable distress on the recipient's end. Do not attempt this on someone that is physically stronger than you because they will perceive it as a sign of great disrespect.
"John was being a real douche last night, so I jerked it to a picture of his girlfriend and then spunked him in his sleep."

"Dude, knock it off or I'll spunk you."
by Fakespeare April 17, 2009
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When a user of a forum responds to an obscure spam message thinking it is a legitimate message.
Post 1: Can someone give me the ingredients for apple pie?
Post 2 (spam): I don't know her, can you give me more details? -usually with a linked signature
Post 3: Know who? The person that made the apple pie?

The author of Post 3 got Spunked
by Fat Atheist November 09, 2009
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