what to yell out (followed by the person's name) when someone you know lets rip with a very loud, watery fart in inappropriate surroundings
KENNY: (lets rip with a very loud, watery fart during the wedding ceremony)
CHRIS: (yells out from near the back) WIPE IT, KENNY!
by yorrick hunt January 14, 2008
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The healthiest of bowel movements requiring no use of toilet paper. Usually characterized by a corrugated surface and typically the product of a healthy diet.
Man I was glad to have a no-wipe this morning. My veggie diet and regular trips to the gym are really paying off!
by Moorebucks February 21, 2011
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Short for wiped out; really exhausted, to the point of not being able to move or function.
I spent too long at that party last night - man, am I wiped.
by house9 December 13, 2004
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Something that weenies do after they take a dump.
Meagan: "Who wipes??"
Hannah: "NOT ME!"
Meagan: "Me either"
Hannah: "Obviously."
*Clyde walks in*
Meagan and Hannah "..."
Clyde: "I wipe..."
Meagan: "Ew."
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I just finished my workout, I'm totally wiped.
by Kyra Blue July 12, 2017
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Used in mmorpgs when the enter party dies.
We wiped on the boss 3 times so everyone left.
by SacTap July 17, 2005
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someone who is somehow able to ruin any given situation, no matter the circumstance.
Guy 1: "Dude! I can't believe Jeff deleted our entire project! It's due today!"
Guy 2: "Yeah, what a wipe."
by Tasty Trio August 28, 2018
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