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When put into a calculator and flipped upside down (kind of like 5318008), spells "hello"
Just your random useless fact of the day that you probably already know!
by Kenthar October 1, 2003
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Playing a sport while in midair.
"Bob and I did some ping-pong airplay while skydiving yesterday."
by Kenthar September 26, 2003
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What earth will be a trillion years from now.
Right now, Earth is relatively new. In a trillion years, it'll be OLD!
by Kenthar September 26, 2003
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Sometimes used in forums or messageboards to refer to the post above.
Lol dat's funnah!!!!11!!!111oneone!1
by Kenthar July 23, 2003
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Refers to someone that is stuck-up, or a snob. They must ALWAYS be the leader, and they are always a good leader. Ironically, they always have numerous faults, but never EVER admit to them.
Ryza from NationStates.net is holier-than-thou
by Kenthar July 24, 2003
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The foxdonut.

The MEC searches tirelessly for this mystical artifact, which is said to bestow its holder the voracious eating powers of vulpines.
"Var er rävmunken?"
"Where is the foxdonut?"
by Kenthar January 28, 2006
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1. Barbaric, or brutal.

2. A game made by s2games, combining elements of Real Time Strategy and First Person Shooters. Much like Natural Selection, with a different setting, of course.

3. Some video or song by some nobody.
1. "Geez, you don't have to be so savage you know."

2. "I play Savage all the time; it's awesome! Much better than Natural Selection, and the same genre"

3. I looked up Savage on Google and found a bunch of porn sites.
by Kenthar February 15, 2004
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