All the more reason to actually attempt yourself.
TV: Warning this stunt is performed by trained professionals. Do not attempt.

Me: "Hey! Let's attempt that!"
by Kevin Esser March 24, 2008
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an arabic man screaming about how attempting to board the helicopter will actually lead to the bombing of africa
"A medical helicopter will be extracting injured person, do not attempt to board the helicopter For your own safety,keep the area surrounding the medical tent clear for authorized personnel and those in need of medical attention. Keep passport with you at all times, if a border agent asks for your papers,be prepared to provide them. Parents... hold passport for children Clear the area,move behind the barricade as quickly as possible If you need medical attention... inform one of the border agents."
by dxcfgjkopl];[lkjhcvl;' March 3, 2021
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How Vonage captions their "people do stupid things" TV ads to cover their a**es legally.
Note: This blonde lady actually DID know better than to enter the water to play with the "dolphins", and fake shark-fins were used in the production of this advertisement. Do not attempt in real life.
by QuacksO November 3, 2018
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