Southern term meaning, to obtain, recieve, or buy something
Mayne, i just knocked off those new J's.
You see that chain? I'm gonna have to knock it off.
by Spencer Evans April 18, 2005
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"knock it off Tom!" Tom's mother said. Tom replied, "Bitch, I only do that to hot chicks that aren't blood related, DARRR."
by BitchinChris69 November 1, 2006
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Basically means stop fucking around with the shit that isn’t worth your time energy or effort it can refer to multiple things such as drug usage, casual sex, speed dating or otherwise anything that is meaningless and useless to one’s growth.
Tray:I just fell in love with a girl I’ve known for two minutes on discord!
Trophy:Knock it off with the bullshit tray.
by Ayo22445 November 18, 2022
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1. Make love to yourself
2. A bout of self help
3. To masterbate
4. Pull the popes cap off

Dont go to the shop yet sugar, I just need to quickly knock one off.
by Frank Lard May 19, 2007
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To have sex or at least reach orgasm in a restricted amount of time.
When I wake up in the morning the gf and me knock one off before I go to work.
by gerf June 5, 2004
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