by tela lol December 4, 2021
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those very sexy things on the end of a hot chicks foot that you wish you could be suckin on
look at those toes dude, i wish i could suck them.
by SuckinDemToes February 3, 2004
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ugly things attached to your feet that you always end up stubbing forcing you to swear like a drunken sailor.
feet nibblets,
foot jam makers,
the fingers long lost brother
by n333m August 24, 2004
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these are the little stubs that come out of your hand. You have five on a hand.
jim had 5 toes but one got cut off.
by where am i? May 9, 2005
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Something people want handed over to them during rectal butt sex or after u just told ur homie u got diagnosed with gonorreah
Me: Jeffrey your toes, hand em over
Jeffrey: ur mom gay
Me: no u
by peeonmyshoe69 May 19, 2018
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Something Andrew likes to say a lot.
Andrew: I can't hang out today.
Taylor: Why not?
Andrew: I HAVE TOES!!!
by Itzah C. Kret September 2, 2008
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whens some poop on ones face n licks it up with a vaccum n then takes it from the vaccum eats it then poops it out n the cycle starts again
by TheUrbanDictionary101 May 30, 2011
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