One of four seasons, starting on December 21st, and ending on March 21st.

It is widely enjoyed by kids, due to activities such as Snowmen-making, Tubing, Snowmobiling, and Skiing.

However it is widely despised by anyone above the age of 16, due to activities such as scraping a car's windshield clean of ice, dangerous driving conditions, and higher heating bills.

Plus it puts quite the damper on smoking outside.

Note: People who live in states such as California, Texas, Florida, etc., are usually shunned for complaining about this season.
*Little Timmy (age 8) runs up to his brother John (age 17)*

Timmy: HEY big brother!!! It's winter! Wanna go build a snowman?!?!"

John: Go fuck yourself.
by Bloodmeat January 21, 2009
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A incredibly nice girl who is more than happy to stick up for her friends she is also super funny and can make you uncomfortable without even trying
by Blmlx June 22, 2020
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a beautiful girl, with brown hair and big beautiful green eyes, a smile that will melt your heart. She is independent and will not take any bull from anyone. She is strong willed and will achieve all her goals in life and be a leader to all that know her.
by Loving Mother February 3, 2010
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1. The purest example of awesomeness, perfection, and coolness. When God said he would make mankind in his likeness, Winter was the ultimate prototype.

2. Winter is an awesome season and can also be a woman's name. She is gorgeous, fun, very loving, and has an amazing personality. She has great friends and a loving family!

3. As a great philosopher and academic once wrote: W is for wonderful...I is for intelligent...N is for nifty...T is for terrific...E is for economically correct...R is for radder than a rutabaga.

4. Lastly, there really is only one 'Winter' who can truly brighten and enhance your life. If you have not yet sought her out, you must, otherwise your life will forever remain dull and incomplete.
'Have you met my friend Winter?' 'No, but until now, my life has been dull and incomplete.'
by SpringSummerAutumn February 3, 2010
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Winter is a sweet, loving and adorable guy. He's the best to talk to and is amazing. And He's really cute.
Girl: Winter is sooooo cute
His girlfriend: shut up.
by Ilovewinterhonestly February 26, 2016
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A cold, enjoyable season in which holidays present themselves to you and your families whilst bringing joy. Presents are carefully unwrapped, people sing and dance, and almost everybody has a good time while a fat, jolly old man stalks you to see if you behave, then breaks into your house and eats all of your food.
It's Winter! I can't wait to see what the fat man gives me in trade for all of my food that I totally didn't want to eat! *please note the sarcasm*
by ramen child December 6, 2016
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