The act of being selfish on someone else's behalf.
That last wave went through unridden. Two guys could have had it but they saw eachother and pulled off at the same time. Guess they were acting out of generosity.
by JeremyO August 4, 2006
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generosity is when your friend actually gets off of wattpad to spam your tellonyn because she for some unknown reason love you, yeet it
"heheheh generosity"
by tomaswella April 15, 2019
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The driver in front of you who stops to let EVERY other driver turn left, right or whatever.
"Sorry I'm late. I was stuck behind a real generosity asshole."
by Pinay #1 September 9, 2011
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When you agree, and pretend to believe someone when they are obviously lying, to avoid the awkward situation of calling them out on their claims.

Usually about something trivial, but could be about anything.
Guy 1 : DUDE! I just got into a fight with 10 people and laid them all out.

Guy 2 : Wow, it doesn't even look like you got hit...

Guy 1 : That's because I was too quick.

Guy 1 : (I shouldn't have given him that generosity belief.)
by FleshWork November 3, 2009
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When one pays hush money to theirs child's mistriess' and their family and justifies it as a gifts for a family in a hard time. Coined by Keith Olbermann from Countdown with Keith Olbermann on MSNBC who reverenced urban dictionary words to bash Republicans (and will mention me on his show)
"I feel bad for Doug and Cindy Hampton and their family since the affair."
"Senator Ensign's parents gave them them tens of thousands of dollars."
"Isn't that a pay off?"
"No don't worry, they have a PATTERN OF GENEROSITY"
by The Jordyn July 10, 2009
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Showing graciousness, kindness, and warmth to others. Behavior that is altruistic. An attitude usual found in people in the Southern part of the United States such as Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida.
Those strangers from Miami that let me stay at their house overnight while my car was being repaired sure showed a lot of southern generosity.
by GoodOleBoy February 20, 2016
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When you walk into a restaurant of any kind and yell out "Food for everyone!" and then leave.
Trump was greeting everyone at the restaurant when he shared his Trump Generosity. He yelled "Food for everyone!" and then left, leaving the customers wondering whether they had to pay for their food or not.
by HarryPotter103 August 29, 2023
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