Noun. Any new piece of information gleaned from a lecture, interview, or other media presentation, etc. that can be of exponential value when acted upon or put to use.
Among the general fund of knowledge provided in this financial seminar, there were actually several takeaways that could give our company great marketing edge.
by GoldieLucks August 6, 2009
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takeaways, also known as takeouts, fast food ect.
parent: what would you like for dinner tonight kids?
kid: can we get takeaways?
by blyth May 23, 2007
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A person who dates or co-habits with others purely to extract takeaways from them, in particular a woman who strives to marry a wealthy man who is able to provide copious amounts of the unhealthy food which they desire.
Then it dawned upon me.. Claire was a takeaway digger and she was only with me for the fish and chips.
by Copious feeder August 9, 2012
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A cheap imitation of a takeaway Chinese meal comprising a Pot Noodle and a bag of Skips, popular amongst the unemployed and council estate tenants.
Fucking excellent Wayne, the social cheque's arrived - fancy going down Londis to buy a giro takeaway?
by Simon Poole October 8, 2003
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An old single male (normally rich) who goes to Asia solely to pick up a young hot Asian girl to bring back to his country to marry and have kids with. (kids usually retarded due to the age of male partner) This makes the girl a takeaway wife.
*Sees man holding hands with young Asian
Gary: I see Steve has got a takeaway wife
by YeahYeahYeea September 7, 2016
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1. Take out food from a Chinese restaurant
2. A song by The Adicts

Woman: I don't feel like cooking, let's get Chinese takeaway

Man: Lazy bitch


Chinese Takeaway is one of my favorite songs
by ChrisTW January 25, 2008
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