1) Low blow

2)To be hit with a projectile

3)What someone screams when they're being over dramatic
1)"What Stephanie said about Carl was horrible"
"Yea, I agree, she basicaly shot him with that one"

2)That fucker shot me with his fuckin gun! what the fuck?

3)(Steve gets hit with a spit wad)
Steve-"Ahh you shot me!! You bastard!"
by phatkid1221 September 25, 2009
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Or "Shots" is a selfie photo sharing application and social network for iOS. A free-hater zone, because you can "like" pictures but not comment. John Shahidi and Sam Shahidi co-founded and co-created Shots. John Shahidi serves as CEO of Shots. Also associated with canadian singer Justin Bieber.
- I love selfies!

- Ok, let's take a selfie with Shots Of Me!
by sammis March 30, 2014
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cupid usually shoots someone with an arrow when they are in love but when some one falls out of love or got there heartbroken by someone they use the expressoin cupid's got a gun and he shot me with it from shanell and nicki minaj new song
shanell: cupid's got a gun and he shot me with it,cupid's got a gun and he shot me with and who said he's a lover when he's a murderer

nicki minaj: why you crush crush crush my heart and when i try to leave you crush crush my car
by nickiminajaddict January 18, 2011
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n. A shooter drink that has the capability of erasing the last 24 hours of the consumer's memory. It can be made as follows:

sloe gin
triple sec
quadruple sec
gunk from a dog's eye
Absolut Pickle
the red stripe from Aquafresh toothpaste

venom of the Louisiana loboto-moth

Stir with a home pregnancy test until it turns positive, and presto.
Moe serves Homer a forget-me-shot in the Simpsons episode "Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind" when Homer wants to forget Marge is throwing him a surprise party.
by free range turtle rancher July 14, 2010
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