In the context of incarceration, a store for provisions available to inmates on occasion.
I heard that nigga from cell block D copped nuff cig's from commissary.
by Peddy November 23, 2006
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1. Listed by military personnel as the best place ever due to its large product range and tax free shopping
"Hey bob do you want to go to the best place ever?"

"Oh you mean the commissary?"
by George A. D. December 13, 2009
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Comissary Hoe: A bitch who puts her entire welfare check on an inmates books every month.
Gia, do you want to go to the mall with us?
No, I wish I could but Ace needed some soups.
Bitch, your a commissary hoe.
by psychedelic shack June 17, 2016
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Is when you're in a female goes to jail a Women and going to do some time and don't have family to take care of them

They take on the role of a man making them self a Butch shave their heads slick back there hair in a ponytails sag their pants and I take on the characteristics of a male role while there in jail.

They try and now gain the attention from other women in order to survive.

So they don't have the means to take care of there self so they get other women to be thier sugar mama's , girlfriends or even a girl to be the highest role keeper known as their wifey or wife's

To take care of them why there in there she provides everything for her

she doesn't do anything except sexually pleases her sexually .
But everybody's now trying to get her they treat her like she's a king .
Thier usually very messy in there relationships .
Start Drama here known to be flirts ,they fight if they feel disrespected or take another female as a treat to thier relationship so in order to keep her girl buying her commissary

Acts like the man in jail in order to gain food they cook and clean for her why she a social butterfly and gets items off Commissary list from women

that's what they're called, in women's jail a "Commissary berries"
Look at Becky acting like a Commissary berry
by 51504u2babe October 30, 2021
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