Probably the most addicting snack that you will ever eat.

Your fingers will be red for the rest of the day, the crumbs under your fingernails are gonna be a bitch to remove, there might be a red line on your bottom lip, but you won't care, you won't care.
The limon hot cheetos will kill you.
by f00k dat January 20, 2007
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VERY ADDICTIVE cheetos.....usually know as hot chips,cheetos,flaming hot cheetos...BELEIVE ME THEY ARE VERY ADDICTIVE.....I havent been able to stop eating them for about 6 yrs.
damm i need to stop eating hot cheetos!! doctord orders
by COUldnthnkof123 January 12, 2006
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A food that makes your lips red, your fingers red, your tongue red and occasionally, your poop.
Person 1: "Hey those are my hot cheetos! I`ve caught you red-handed.. literally!"
Hahahahaha.. no.
by iHateEmos June 14, 2007
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the best kind of snack on this planet that black people love with a side of nacho cheese
Yo Tyrone, hook a nigga up wid sum cheeze i got da hot cheetos
by Joe Tamalis November 02, 2007
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A sexy redheaded chick. Can be used as a noun or an exclamation.
Last night at the bar, my buddy told me to check out this ginger. Hot cheetos!
by Collar City Charlie March 07, 2011
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A default reply to any question that may lead to an uninteresting conversation. Utilized to ensure a stealthy escape from said conversation. Effectiveness becomes accentuated when accompanied by a thousand yard stare.
Chuck: Yeah I'm an advertisement coordinator for a local retail store here in town. It has it's perks! What do you do?

Tom: Hot cheetos...

Chuck: Oh, uhh... I'm gonna go grab some... of these uhh... cup cakes over here... real quick...
by foxxy bubbles May 20, 2009
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