1.The application of science to law.

2. There are many types of forensics (Science,Accounting,Psychology etc...)

3. a wierd word.
1. attorney: this is your hair isn't it?
boy: yes, it is.

2. i'm going to be a forensic psychologist or scientist...you'll see!

3. dude, that's like, so forensic!
by Grr8jon October 13, 2004
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A weird club that took a group of people that like talking to much and turned it into a wannabe sports team.
I can't do anything on Saturday. I have forensics.
by MeIsMoose March 26, 2017
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a government investigation group that finds pubic hairs and seman under a stove or slip and fall into seman wile investigating a crime scene.
"this place is a mess!!!"..."cheack it for seman" said the forensics team
by fuck mate 303 June 19, 2009
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A practitioner and/or student of the computer forensic and digital investigation science. One who actively digs though digital data to find electronic evidence.

A digital investigator Jedi.
Steve: "Did you hear about Bob? He got arrested for child porn on his computer."

Dave: "Yup - can't hide from a good forensicator!"

Mike: "I can't figure out how my network was compromised! Is it a hack, APT or insider threat?!?"

Bill: "I dunno dude - you better hire a forensicator."

Lawyer 1: "Why can't I just drag and drop the files needed for discovery?"

Lawyer 2: "It's not court admissible! You need all the meta data and hash checks - better get a forensicator."
by douglasbrush May 28, 2010
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The act of following computer forensic actions when performing a computer or digital forensic investigation.

What a forensicator does.
Bob: "Did you find those e-mails on the suspect hard drive?"
Dave: "Not, yet I am still forensicating the EDB files."

Sam: "Dude you look horrible - when is the last time you slept?"
Max: "Man, I dunno I have been forensicating the raw data for 50 hours straight."
by douglasbrush May 29, 2010
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A word made up by senior officers and management to spuriously and incorrectly describe the process of forensically examining a crime scene. The word is not recognised by forensic examiners as having any valid or useful meaning. Often used by uninformed and untrained individuals to give the impression of knowledge of forensic science and forensic examination techniques.
The stolen car will need to be forensicated. To forensicate the victim.
by csi pointless April 30, 2013
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