the act of a female opening her legs for sexual favors.
If Bob sees Flo Layed Down.

Flo just spread her legs and How it is.
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by MayDayMeh June 20, 2018
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A highly advanced style of speaking in a Speech and Debate or Forensics League round. Mostly used in Policy debates, its main purpose is to attempt to make so many contentions or arguments that your opponents can't keep up. An adept spreader finds a balance between speed and comprehensibility. Those who cannot spread well often lose the round do to the judge not being able to understand the speaker because their speech becomes slurred. The name is a combination of speed and read which is a perfect way to describe it.
1NC: How could you drop their fifth contention?!
1NR: The guy spread way too fast. I only had so much time!
by codapepper December 06, 2015
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To fuck a woman.
Refers to spreading a woman's legs to fuck her.
I would sure like a spread her.
by Judge dredd7 January 08, 2012
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A very powerful drug, created by a teenager when he couldnt find any weed. You take a classic asid tablet, crush it up and put it in a small amount of Zquil. Take that mixture and add 5 crushed up Tylenol. Freeze it in an icecube tray. Suck on ice to be fucked up.
Yo come over i just finished a batch of spread, lets get fucked.
by Angela Roweman September 12, 2016
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when hanging with your boys, any sort of potentially good food, drink, activity, and/or female(s).
Let's go check out the spread on the other boat. I heard they have a dank chicken queso dip.
by The Back Pussy Spread November 16, 2011
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The term used for a group of women in much the same way that a group of cattle is called a herd.
"Dude, check out that spread on the other side of the street"
"Not one of those ladies is lower than an 8!"
"I'm going in..."
by DrunkRainbowPig January 22, 2012
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