The scatter profile of a chromosome karyotype on a microscopic slide. Well spread chromosomes enable the karyologist to count and pair the chromosomes, and classify the organism to species level.
Bob: I was looking at your karyotype slides. I must say you got pretty good spreads.
Jane: Thanks, I dropped the cells from two feet up!
Bob: As they say, "Happiness is a good spread," I hope you get good G-banded karyotypes.
by A Kumirai October 05, 2006
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When your just exhausted and done. You have reached your saturation point.

Usually occurs after heavy studying
Harb: I've been studying all day I'm spread

Prab: Fu*k studying I'm spread

Raj: My brain is fried from studying all day I'm spread time to go home
by Xsingxh18 April 02, 2019
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A workplace meal provided by a client to a business. Usually in a service related industry. Could range from the small "spread" like a Munchkins and Coffee, to the larger spreads such as a catered affair.

Also, a meal provided by employer.
Employee 1: "Hey guys, you gotta see this spread! It's in the break-room. They've got chicken, rib tips, mashed potatos, and Mac and Cheese!"

Employee 2: "Sh*t, I better get there before the line gets thick! LATER!"
by JasoRobi January 24, 2008
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word describing you are going to tell someone something
"tell everyone to meet at 9 o clock"

"ok I'm gonna spread that"
by guardian October 24, 2003
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A loose term used to refer to money, large area of land, and a farm. But mostly money.
yo, I got mad spreads, son.
by Alex Plus January 28, 2008
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To separate (noun) evenly, or fairly evenly. This adjective has almost unlimited uses.
Woman spread= spread legs to see pussy.
by Gumba Gumba March 21, 2004
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To be a super hero with powers that consist of spreading nutella on bread and being known as Fred, therefore Spread which is latin for princess.
Oi spread save the day, o wait you cant ur useless
by Swoopboy February 10, 2009
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