Evelyn is the most cheerful person ever. They have soo many good characteristics which makes them such a great friend/gf. They are one of the sweetest girls in earth and you should be lucky if your friends with one of them. But on the other hand she is always hiding something, she’s always going through hard times but hides it and determines to make her friends to be happy then her. Her only real smile is when she’s with her friends. She has gorgeous eyes that look like a star in the night sky. Evelyn is SUPER pretty!
Why is Evelyn so sad today? Or is that... everyday
by 4rey💞 February 26, 2019
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A sweet but cool girl. She can be a little crazy but she is also really cute. She can either be really short or really tall, no inbetween. She is kind to everyone. You might mistake her kindness with flirting though. Don't make her mad though. Cause she will find revenge. Her hilariousness is often mistaken for insane actions. Evelyns are truly the best friend you will ever have.
Person: Wow she is so funny but crazy! Not to mention cute!
Person 2: She must be an Evelyn!
by mynameiskawaiikat February 3, 2017
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Beautiful, nice, loyal, funny, unique, weird(in a good way), intelligent, and a bit loud. with all these characteristics she is easily one of the best people on earth:p
by puppyluver4446554 March 31, 2017
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A girl with an amazing features. If you ever sad or feel lonley talk to an Evelyn. She will always have your back on your bad days and good days. She is an amazing friend to hangout with an Evelyn would never let you down. An Evelyn is often in really bad situations. She goes to depression or anxiety ,but knows how to handle it. She can be really sad at times ,but always wears a bright big smile on her face. She clearly doesn't let no one get in her way. Evelyn's often fall in love easily ,but attracts boys. She is sometimes a badass ,but otherwise she is an amazing, wonderful, caring and cool girlfriend. She also likes playing some sports like soccer or football she can be very good a it and would like to play all the time she likes having fun with her friends. I'm warning you if you ever date an Evelyn never let her go ever. She would care for you if you ever need her so boys. Warning: Don't Ever Let Her Go.

If you ever let her go you will regret having a cool girlfriend. Evelyn's are also full of surprises and can even cheer you up when you need it. They are pretty beautiful and gorgeous. You are lucky to have an Evelyn as a cool friend or girlfriend.
Boy 1 (5 boys) one of them: Have you seen Evelyn
Boy 2 : Yea she been looking hot asf

Boy 3: I wish she was my girlfriend

Boy 4: She is perfect for me she even plays sports like soccer

All of them: She is so hot🔥
by Emma Johns November 23, 2017
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Evelyn is an honest person she care a lot about her friends more than her. She's weird but in a good way, she can be a bit harsh when u get on her bad side.... and no matter what she's always a nice person to anyone and she likes talking to new people 😁
Evelyn a weird, honest some times, can be mean, and nice to people she love.
by D'Angela garcia March 20, 2018
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A beautiful, gourgous, wonderful Girl she has no fear! She is brave! Brings boy's Attention!!! You'll see her walking in the hallway with boy's following her!!😏😍🔥❤
She is also the Queen 👑😘😝🔥❤
Boy 1: Aye look at Evelyn...!...!...!
Boy 2: She Cute, Fine as hell!!
Boy 3: DAYUMMM!!!!
Boy 4: what's your insta??
Boy 5: Can I get yo number??
Evelyn: Boy bye!!!👑🔥💍🎀💎
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Evelyn is a shy girl who goes out of her way to help others.She can be very sensitive so don't do stuff to make her cry.An Evelyn loves animals and music.She is also very pretty but denies it.You would be really lucky to have Evelyn as a best friend for she is faithful and loyal.
Evelyn is so shy.
by Potterqueen123 June 25, 2017
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