A RICE FACIAL = when one spits, sneezes or coughs up rice on another person
shawn sneezed over his chinese food and gave george a racial
by George Rigakiaffaf October 9, 2006
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1. When one gets angry, insulting the other vehemently
2. When one says racist things about another, usually when provoked
bob: 'At least my family don't eat cow dung every day and live in a dust bin'
james: 'dont get racial...'
by Alshu March 31, 2005
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Phrase used when you say something that sounds racist but want to clarify that you are not trying to be racist.

*Originally coined by Traphik (Tim) and Ricky Rude
Tim : Hey Rick? You hungry?
Rick : A lil
Tim : You wanna get some fried chicken?
Rick : What chu tryin to say?
Tim : OH! No Racial
Rick : oh fo sho
Tim : Fo Sho.
by Bobilina Smith April 11, 2009
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Understanding that racial groups do exist. Knowing that different races evolved under different circumstances and so are different from one another. Differing innate qualities of racial groups might include average intelligence, average physical strength, other average physical characteristics, average skin color, differing societal crime statistics, etc.

Racialism pertains more to a racial group as opposed to an individual. Whereas racism is more about individuals as opposed to the group.
Doug has a good friend that is from Morocco, he also likes Moroccan food. Doug lives in Dublin, Ireland though and doesn’t want his government to mass import 8 million Moroccans to his city. Doug has no hate for individual Moroccans so he is not racist. Doug believes in racialism though, he does not want to live in a Moroccan city he wants to live in an Irish city.

Doug knows not to bring up his racialist ideas when his Moroccan friend has him over for lunch. Bringing up racialist ideas wouldn't make Doug a racist, but it would make him an asshole.
by dietdrpepper May 13, 2016
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Unnecessarily adding race into a discussion or argument to underscore a biased point of view.
You racialize your argument by saying that the white guy thought he could just tell that black woman that she had too many items in the checkout line.
by conscientious observ October 9, 2019
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Taking something that has absolutely nothing to do with race and make it about race.
Ken: I think the Iran Deal is dangerous
Julieta: You're a racist!
Ken: What I said had nothing to do with race. Stop racializing.
Julieta: You're a racist!
by zevg March 12, 2021
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(n.) The mindset of consistently acting under the assumption that the actions of others are racially motivated whenever they concern members of separate races. In order to act in a racialist perspective, one must first make sweeping stereotypes about the character of the person that they are judging, often in a racist manner, thus making one a racialist.

Racialists can commonly be identified by noting their tendency towards bringing the topic of race into every discussion concerning members of different races, especially in cases in which race has no basis.

Racism is not the same as racialism, though they are occasionally used interchangeably. One may often imply the other, though in many cases, racialists are often the most avowedly anti-racist people in the room.
Ex. 1
Jonathan: "A short, fat, black guy wearing a face mask broke into my apartment and stole my television"
Shelley: "Wow, of course you would assume he's black you racist, how would you know if you couldn't see...?"
Jonathan: "What? I saw him, he was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, being black was just part of the description... more importantly my TV is gone."
- In this case, Shelley is demonstrating racialism.

Ex. 2
College Instructor: "And of course, in the case of Australians purchasing aboriginal art, racism is an integral part of the discussion. After all, what does it mean for a white Australian to purchase a black aborigine's artwork, a part of their cultural heritage. It's like saying that a white man could buy a black, which I think has implications reminiscent of slavery."
Student: "Wait, not all Australians are white or european. They do not come from an American culture or even a culture that involved slavery at any time during their history as their own country. What if a black aborigine -still an Australian- purchased art from another aborigine, would that still be a symbol of ownership? Furthermore, aborigines aren't even from Africa, they migrated to Australia through Indonesia. You're assuming that because their skin color is black that they're from Africa, thus allowing you to draw a connection between . That's possibly the most idiotic and racist thing that I've heard today."
- In this case, the college instructor is both racist and racialist.
by PUBLISHME October 14, 2013
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