Mate, friend, accomplice, peoples. Used to address someone
Alright sheets what are u up to?
Sheets, do you wanna go into town?
Whats up sheets?
by Beeds January 2, 2008
When you share a bed with someone you don't want to have sex with, so you lay on top of the top sheet to prevent contact. When alcohol is involved usually works.
If you don't want to have intimate situations with drunk bed mate. Sheeting usually works.

Fall asleep on a different layer, usually they will give up!
by Kurlington April 6, 2018
To be taken home by a female who implies that sexual favours will be performed forthwith and without question upon arriving at her abode only to be treated to a healthy dose of blue balls. After hours of frustrating attempts at coitus the female in question leaves her bedroom to "get a drink" ie let you get the fuck out. You take this 30-60 second opportunity to release your frustration into and onto her bed linen, dress and escape quietly leaving her to clean up the sticky mess...
Cam: "Dude that chick i went home with last night gave me peanuts so i left her a little sticky present on her pillow."

Mike: "Dude. You sheeted her."

Cam: "Awwww yeah"
by Doctor Beatenschmith March 5, 2011
A termed used to refer to a quantity of blotter paper. Typically 100 hits of LSD.
I made sure to bring my sheet of acid to the Phish show so I could sell it to the hippies.
by Bo Cephus January 28, 2003
How people from ATL say shit.
Awwwwwwww sheet, y'all done fucked up and let me into this bitch.
by Jawn April 1, 2005
1.Layer of stuff on bed
2. Stuff in your pants after Mexican food
3. Slang for shit
by TanksAlotYT June 13, 2019