18 definitions by dan_gleewang

An individual who enjoys striping on elevated surfaces and displaying their stubbly pubes.
Heather: Kelsey what the F are you doing?!?!
Gen: She's turning into a Prickly Porcupine Pornstar!
Kelsey: Alvin, Hunter, and Blaise close your eyes!... well you don't have to Blaise ;).
Erin: I see her vagina!!

Alvin:*singing* Collecting your jar of hearts!
Heather: *also singing* tearing love apart!


Kelsey: who want a piece of this lice filled raspberry bacon?!?!
by dan_gleewang January 17, 2021
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Two definitions:
- An overly intoxicated individual who strips and pushes their pubes onto other people while throwing up
- Someone who drinks too much Pink Whitney and likes to push their pube trimmings into a drawer while also puking.
K!@#$* V%&*!@# is drunk on the table again being a Pukey Pube Pusher, put your rancid lizard away!
by dan_gleewang January 06, 2021
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When a strand of hair gets wrapped around a part of the labia minora for so long that it turns purple and dies. This dead section of skin is the rancid lizard.
Gen can you look at my rancid lizard again, don't mind the chicken shit.
by dan_gleewang January 09, 2021
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An individual who intentionally pisses others off, usually to their face. Similar to a Snot Nosed Punk except they typically follow the rules. Is also a popular form of Dad lingo.
Katelyn: Hunter keeps scaring me every time I walk around that corner!
Erin: He did that to me too! He's such a Rat Bastard!!
by dan_gleewang January 15, 2021
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A filthy penis that is stubby and shaped like a corkscrew.
Shalev: Man look at that penis! It looks like a deranged giraffe elbow!
Ima: No way it looks more like a Dirty Little Squiggléy Dick.
by dan_gleewang January 22, 2021
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A person with many fetishes, whether its ears or feet. In addition, they only wear fuzzy socks and nothing else.
Kelsey: Alvin can you stick your dirty little squiggléy dick in my ear??
Alvin: No you Fuzzy Socked Ferocious Freak!!
by dan_gleewang January 19, 2021
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When one trusts thy fart too much and a little bit of poop squirts out. Similar to spouts.
Natalia: Oh jeez do you smell that??
Katelyn: Yeah my roommate had another chicken shit and pulled a stink-eyed hippo.
Natalia: Why does she always have the spouts?!?!?!
by dan_gleewang January 11, 2021
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