A Kelsay is a very attractive woman who is also intelligent (VERY RARE). A Kelsay has the best personality in the world, even though she may not know it. Most Kelsays are attracted to douchebags. If you find a Kelsay likes you, DON'T LET HER GO! Never send a picture of your private parts to a Kelsay, they have a tendency to show all of their friends!

PS. Kelsays like giraffes.
Dude, I can't believe Kelsay still talks to me!
by Eric AKA Eric Smith January 05, 2009
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A really, really smart and independent woman. She has a unique laugh which she may feel a little embarrassed about, but you wouldn't have it any other way. Kelsays always know what they are doing and can be affectionate and sweet, but their "dominate personalities" will sometimes prevent them from showing it.
Guy 1:"Who's running for president next year?"
Guy 2: "Kelsay."

Guy 1: "She's got this. She'll be a world dictator one day and we'll all be better for it."

Guy 2: Agreed.
by Smartass sister December 07, 2018
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