A sex act done in prison which involves inserting a spoon up another inmate's ass. Popularized in the HBO prison drama Oz.
Wolfgang Cutler: You and me? We're gonna spoon. Now bend the fuck over.
by Lakitu1983 August 13, 2007
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spoons is a game often played by honkeys where you collect real, metal spoons and drive around trying to hit black people. when you throw it you yell "nigger", and if you dont hit them you have to go get the spoon.
A:Lets go play spoons.
B:Dude, no we'll get killed.
A:I ain't afraid of any niggers.
by gummpy November 08, 2007
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Possibly the best band to come out of Texas. It consists of Britt Daniel (vocals, piano, etc.), Jim Eno (drums), and various temporary members. Elektra records had them for a while, but Merge records signed them after being dropped.
Music Lover: Hey - you should pick up "Kill the Moonlight" by Spoon.

Indie Snob: Don't even talk about a band as mainstream as Spoon in my presence.

Music Lover: So what they're in Time magazine! They're still good!

Indie Snob: (groans) ok... fine... (immediately gets addicted)
by aleclair July 03, 2005
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Slang name for a Wetherspoons pub, which is part of a British national chain of pubs. Serves cheap drinks and cheap food.
Person 1- "I fancy cocktails"
Person 2- "2 for Β£12 pitchers at spoons?"

Person1 - "to spoons!"
by Glelato July 15, 2015
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An eating utensil, which, contrary to popular belief, was not invented until the 15th Century, by the English nobleman Gerald F. Spoon. The invention of the spoon played a major role in the rise of the artistic Renaissance, as artists, especially those in Italy, no longer wasted large amounts of their time eating soup with forks, and, thus, were able to devote more time towards their art.
"Now that I've finished my soup in a timely fashion by using this new utensil called a spoon, I'm able to paint this portrait of Mona Lisa." -Leonardo Da Vinci
by ovaltinejenkins15 October 01, 2017
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Spoon is an insult from New Zealand, with a similar meaning to numpty, egg, or dick. If someone calls you a spoon it pretty much means you're being a bit of a dumbass, idiot, clown or a dick. If you are called a spoon you should either stop what youre doing, or defend yourself by calling them an insut bearing a similar meaning e.g. egg or dick.
"Aw you fuckin' spoon, you dropped my maccas!"
"Don't call me a fuckin' spoon, you dick"
by Saxy Sam December 17, 2019
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