noun. Slang word from Gangland-era America that meant an attractive young woman. It was often used to describe a "gangster"'s love interest.
Slick Dan's moll is a fox, but don't let him catch you looking, Joe.
by Sam Spade December 19, 2005
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Australian slang for a 'promiscuous' or 'easy' woman. Ussually a woman consiedered unnatractive. Used by teens. Features in the movie 'puberty blues'
She is a dead set moll
What a moll
by janetttt August 16, 2006
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Molle usually refers to a long haired speed addicted junkie from the poor developed island Fyn. The word is also used as a referance to weed as a coverword so your parents wont know your a junkie to.
Lets go over to Molle he has some Molle.
by Alkoholger July 11, 2008
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MOLLE is a type of web gear used to attach pouches and accessories to a tactical vest, chest rig/rack vest, belt or harness system, etc. MOLLE is used by many different countries' militaries, including the U.S. MOLLE Consists of straps on the backs of pouches that are then weaved through small loops on the vest or whatever you are attaching it to.
1) I just got some new MOLLE Pouches.
2) Hey, is that MOLLE Vest on sale?
3) Is this MOLLE-Compatible?
by Judkinsa May 10, 2009
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To hold your penis and stretch it back and forth.
"I molled making it hard fast"
by lDlilclkl March 28, 2016
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Pronounced "Mall."
Another term for Molly- or pure MDMA/ecstasy. Short-term, usually used by ravers to sound casual and relaxed.
Yo, Kevin, think you can get your hands on some moll tonight? I got the glow sticks.
by Speciial Kay April 23, 2009
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A Molls is someone who is a great friend to have at a concert and travel with. They are always there with a song and a story to make anyone feel welcome. They are adventurous and willing to take risks to have a good time and get what they want. A Molls will probably lose something along the way though so always be on the lookout.
I hate going to concerts alone, I wish I had a Molls!
by Ashleywass January 31, 2020
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