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"Silverware" originally meant "eating utensils made from silver." (An "eating utensil" being a fork, spoon or knife). Now, all eating utensils are called "silverware" regardless of what materials they are made of!
REAL silver eating utensils are expensive. Usually you receive a set of real silverware as a wedding gift & you use the set for special occasions.

I still don't get why stainless steel (or worse, plastic) forks, spoons & knives are called "silverware" WHEN THEY ARE NOT MADE OF SILVER!
by Silky Smooth April 28, 2004
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Term used by guys to alert each other of an attractive woman nearby; specifically, one with a nice butt.
Charles and Henry are purchasing sodas at the local malt-shop. Henry notices a lovely girl at the jukebox with a big ol booty.
"Charles, silverware." *gestures in the vicinity of the girl.
"Dayum, Henry. Imma eggwash dat ass fo'sho!"
by The Rev NG8 August 04, 2018
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bling made of silver. Could be rims, silver chains, anything silver used as a necessity to like go with a fit or a car.
trying to jack mah silverware, bitch. ill kill you!
by bojzzle December 07, 2004
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