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this bitch makes us all want to kill ourselves. this brainwashing, manipulative website is the reason for my migraines and depression
did you know she killed herself bc she couldnt live w iReady in life? no cap
damn bro
by hoteldel_leejieun September 22, 2020
---5 STARS---
i went here for my honeymoon and man it was possibly the best trip of my life. they give you great food, a place to stay, and an overall enclosed environment. it was even affordable!! we are planning to take our future kids here one day as well, i hope they can experience the magic we felt on our honeymoon.
i went to death row for my honeymoon
by hoteldel_leejieun October 3, 2020
a ship between south-korean girl group 'BLACKPINK's Lisa and chinese boy group 'Nine Percent's Cai Xukun
"why are you crying"
"because youth with you 2 ended"
"we wont get more kunlisa moments"
by hoteldel_leejieun September 6, 2020
Second Lead Syndrome is the closet thing to death that isn't. Second Lead Syndrome is when you are casually watching your Kdrama and you starts to ship the female lead with the second male lead. Or when you start to fall for the second male lead.

This feeling is horrible because you shouldn't be rooting for the second lead in this love triangle but you are, it's like an identity crisis.
"So I was watching my Kdrama last night and started getting second lead syndrome"
"You what?!"
"No cap. It's horrible but I can't stop."
by hoteldel_leejieun October 23, 2020
a 4 membered kpop girl group with members such as Jennie, jisoo, lisa, and Rosé (chaeyoung) blackpink is also amazing and is beautiful
damn, did you watch BLACKPINK (s) performance, they way they twerked i had never wished to be a floor more in my life
BLACKPINK songs are my favorite
i like kpop, especially BLACKPINK
by hoteldel_leejieun January 6, 2020
this phrase is used in text to let someone know that you are NOT being hostile
You: what if i killed you
You: lol
(your mind) thank god that wouldve sounded horrible if i didnt type lol
by hoteldel_leejieun October 10, 2020