A bowl of marijuana. Slang from deep within the most elite circles in the community of Isla Vista, California. Original credit goes to Ladle Master a.k.a. Ladles McGee.
1) Can I pack you a ladle?

2) Let's snap ladles.

3) Ladles?

4) Ladle time.

5) That was a dank ladle.
by Stonage January 4, 2009
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noun: The dominant spoon in a spooning threesome
Dave exclamed "Soph come ladle me and Katie!"
by lost-athon November 16, 2010
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When a fat girl is trying to be the big spoon when spooning and you get completely sucked in by her fat that is wrapped around you
"Dude last night, some huge bitch snuck behind me and tried to ladle me while I was sleeping"
by YaYaFuckBoi August 27, 2012
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noun. the dominant participant in the act of spooning. the ladle spoons the meatball.
oh, john is so sweet, last night i let him be my ladle and he really got off on my meatball.
by raunchy booty girl July 1, 2005
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n. A divine cuisine given forth by the Ladle Master to those that are faithful
1)Lets go get ladles

2)Lets ladle it up


4)Jack cowered as he raised his dish in worship of the ladle. The Ladle Master smiled upon him generously, and granted him an extra ladle, while exclaiming "ahhhhh, yum, yum!"

5)666 Girl and The Apprentice snickered as Tim blasphemously ordered a steak and cheese sandwhich with nothing on it instead of his daily ladle.

6)Burger and Fries guy mumbled something in German as Matt was denied an extra ladle

7)The Ladle Master rolled his eyes as the Joker continued to do nothing.
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a ladle is a precious tool givin to us by a superier being, who no one knows the name of, he is only known as... the ladle God. if you have no religion then look no farther, you shall become a ladlsion. worship the creater of a holy tool, the gigantic spoon, of gods, that makes serving soup and stew fairly easy and fun!
the ladlsion common prayer: ye all whp praise ladle god will be blessed apon with riches and glory, so ladle god please bring upon to me your ladlerific might and grant thy a ladle cleased heart and a side order of soup to go.
by fool in the face April 19, 2006
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